This Girl Can Box v Italy

Nolan Oils are supporting the all-female boxing extravaganza “The Italian Job!”

Nolan Oils are supporting the all-female boxing extravaganza “ The Italian Job!

This Girl Can Box v Italy

23rd February 2019

Berinsfield Boxing Gym, OX10 7LN.

The fantastic group of volunteers are passionate about supporting female boxers, and strive to achieve the following:

  • Increasing learning opportunities for women in boxing
  • Increasing competitive opportunities
  • Raising the profile of women in boxing
  • Paving the way for future women in sport
  • Ensuring parity in sport for ALL

This Girl Can Box involves a massive corpus of volunteers in the sport of boxing “ unsung heroes, up and down the country “those who work tirelessly for their communities.

They are proactive individuals who are not prepared to wait for governing bodies to implement events – they prefer to make things happen for their clubs and boxers through dedication and hard work.

If you are a forward thinking individual, willing to roll up your sleeves to volunteer, then get in touch. If you can donate or know a company willing to back their work, please email or message!

Please come and support this incredible group of people from the UK & Italy – boxing is great fun for all!

Funds raised are used to continually invest in developing future boxers.

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