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The Sodbury Fuels have been serving the needs of fuel oil consumers in South Gloucestershire, Gloucester, Somerset and Wiltshire since 2014. We specialise in delivering Kerosene, Gas Oil and Diesel to domestic, commercial and agricultural properties in the Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire areas.

Run out? – Sodbury Fuels offer guaranteed next day delivery for our regular customers or same day if you should call before 12 noon and have run out of oil! Excluding weekends and subject to stock availability and workload. We will always try our very best to help you should you have run out of oil.

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Sodbury Fuels’ clean, modern, specialist vehicles are operated by experienced uniformed staff.

Comparing the cost of oil against other heating options

Heating oil, unlike petrol, does not carry a high added cost of excise duty or full rate VAT. It is therefore a very competitively priced fuel, and the first choice for economy, especially where natural gas is not available.
Source: OFTEC

For many existing oil customers, faced with increasing utility and oil prices, it is tempting to look at whether there are cheaper options available. However, the reality is that for home owners off the mains gas grid, oil remains a very competitive choice. It compares well with its competitors and, of the alternatives to mains gas, only solid fuel is significantly cheaper but is obviously much less convenient to use.

Modern oil condensing boilers cost about the same to run as wood pellet bio-mass boilers and all-electric heating systems. By contrast, Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) is significantly more expensive and, over the last five years, has risen in price faster than any of the other options.

Oil heating also has other advantages. You can choose who you buy your oil from and shop around easily for the best deal. Oil users can also use the seasonal variation in the price of oil to your advantage. By checking the price of heating oil regularly, and buying during the summer when prices are lower, it is possible to make very significant savings.