Heating Oil Additive

Facts …

  • Heating Oil system nozzles, filters and pipes get blocked
  • Deposits build up inside all boilers
  • This can reduce the boiler efficiency and cost over £100 per year*
  • Most owners are unaware of these problems until costly breakdown occurs

*Cost of 5% reduction in efficiency for an average house using 2500 litres/year using UK government www.sedbuk.com boiler efficiency database. Multiple technical sources used to determine that 5% is a modest efficiency loss experienced in the field.

1 Litre Bottle Of Additive Treats Up To 2000 litres Of Heating Oil
Components Main Benefits

Sludge dispersant
Fuel stabilisers
Metal deactivator
Corrosion inhibitor
Purple Dye

Reduces sludge formation
Cleans up tank sludge
Reduces filter plugging
Promotes optimum burner performance
Reduces fuel degradation
Protects and promotes clean fuel system
Reduces fuel related service problems
Visible confirmation of treatment

Symptoms Of Dirty Heating Oil Systems
Impact Of Heating Oil Additive
The Additive Reduces Fuel Related Breakdowns
(Sept To April Test Results)
  Year 1
Year 2
(With Additive)
Heating Oil delivered


6.1 million
5.2 million
Number of service calls 499 419
Number of fuel related causes 117 80
Fuel causes per million litres 19.2 15.4
Reduction in fuel related causes   20% approx