AdBlue® Diesel Exhaust Fluid

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Some may have been dealing with AdBlue® for the last couple of years, whereas some may have just heard whispers of this new fluid. However, it is now clear that AdBlue® is an inevitable part of the fuel market, that sooner or later we all need to know about!

AdBlue® or diesel exhaust fluid (or cow urine!), is a urea solution used to reduce the exhaust emissions of diesel engines.

In order to meet new environmental standards, new diesel vehicles are being manufactured with Selective Catalytic Reduction systems that require AdBlue® to run.

Product Focus – AdBlue® Equipment

To cater for the growing market for AdBlue® our product range has expanded to include Suzzara Blue equipment.

ad blue equipment

Thanks to being DC powered, the Portable Battery AdBlue® pump kit is ideal for mobile refuelling. It is therefore ideal for the agricultural market, where refilling a tractor out in the field may be needed.

ad blue equipment

As well as general items that have wide applications such as the IBC pumping kits, we also stock products that have been specially designed with certain industries in mind.