New TEX FLOW system

Alpeco’s new system already in operation

The end of 2020 saw the culmination of a 3-year development program by Sampi in collaboration with Alpeco Ltd. As a result, Alpeco has announced their brand new TEX FLOW computer which has attained full UK approval and has been successfully undergoing trials with Nolan Oils on its new COBO tanker since September 2020.

Nolan - Alpeco TEX FLOW system
Alpeco’s TEX FLOW system has been successfully undergoing trials with Nolan Oils on their new COBO tanker

The TEX operating system has been designed to be simple to operate as well as minimising the opportunity to make costly errors during the set-up and delivery process. Built-in WiFI, bluetooth and other programmable comms interface methods have also been provided to enhance connectivity with in-cab computer systems for crucial data storage, transfer, and delivery management.

TEX offers a new benchmark in terms of road tanker fuel measurement and system control and features a single cast aluminium (ATEX) enclosure which houses the main CPU. A 7” full colour display and a large button keypad provide the operating interface.

A programmable, real-time inventory stores and monitors grades and volumes in each compartment and colour tank graphics are displayed on-screen in the delivery set-up menu. Once the grade has been selected, only compartments containing the same grade can be opened, thus preventing accidental opening of a wrong compartment and avoiding costly contaminations.

‘Left on board’ contents can be viewed on-screen or printed at any time, providing accurate stock reconciliation when cross-referenced with load, delivery, and end of shift tickets. Unlike other electronic registers the TEX has no limit to the number of named products that can be handled, all of which can be product colour coded and displayed on screen along with delivery progress bar

Using its in-built Wi-Fi network, TEX can be supplied with a rugged Android handset loaded with the TEX-LINK app which gives the operator a duplicate litre display and allows the operator to pre-set, select and change products and compartments as well as start, stop and Print functions.

TEX has been integrated into Alpeco’s MF400,800 and 1100 truck meter systems and will replace the current TRUCK III when it is phased out of production later this year.

Source: Fuel Oil News

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