FPS EXPO 2014 Already in Planning Stages

Organisers have begun preparations for next year’s FPS Expo, riding on the momentum of April’s record-breaking event.

This year’s Expo was greatly anticipated by those in the oil distribution industry and they were not left feeling disappointed. Almost one hundred exhibitors took part, covering three of the exhibition halls at Harrogate International Centre.

Visitor numbers increased by seven per cent on FPS Expo 2012, with representatives coming from as far afield as South Africa and Kuwait to attend. Suffice to say, the show was a huge success – so much so, that only a few weeks after the doors have closed, organisers are starting to plan the follow-up.

The annual Federation of Petroleum Suppliers (FPS) event is a chance for professionals to demonstrate new innovations, talk to experts, network and display their products. It also allows those in the industry to discuss any hot topics relating to heating oil.

Next year’s event, which will be the 34th annual FPS Expo, is to be held once again in Harrogate and takes place on 9-10 April. As proof of its popularity, 41 per cent of stand space has already been reserved as many of this year’s exhibitors are keen to return.

When asked, exhibitors said that the show was focused, enabled interaction with customers and was the ideal platform upon which to launch new products.

Date: 20.05.2013

Author: Elizabeth Smythe

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